Factors Affecting the Solid Wood Piecing Process

Pulished on Mar. 06, 2021

Many parts of solid wood furniture are very large, in the actual production of such a large piece of wood cost is very high, but also impractical, so in most cases, we see the solid wood furniture is made of splinters.

The solid wood panelling process can effectively increase the area of the panel, but also to improve the wood material, save natural resources, expand the use of wood and the most direct way to design areas. HF joining machine for wooden board supplier will explain what factors affect the solid wood panelling process.

1.Concern about the misunderstanding

Most enterprises and users are more concerned about the appearance of solid wood splicing board, and the surface warping deformation, cracking of the glue layer, finger tenon off fracture and other quality problems lack inspection standards and management methods, often using simple repair to cover up, to a certain extent affect the development of the solid wood splicing board industry.

2.The wood factor

Due to the internal stress of wood, in some special circumstances will occur cracking deformation. In the process of solid wood splicing board, internal stress and will be affected by the density of wood, moisture content, surface roughness, splicing method, glue species, glue amount, gluing pressure and the temperature and humidity in the air.

HF Joining Machine For Wooden Board

3.The problem of gluing

Gluing is a necessary part of the splicing process, when the type of glue used does not match the wood, it will lead to the low strength of the splicing glue when the splicing is not firm, easy to crack. In addition, a reasonable grasp of the amount of glue coating is also directly related to the selling process.  

When the amount of glue application is too low, the board will have a lack of glue and uneven distribution of adhesive, etc. When the amount of glue is too high, the glue layer is too thick, the volume contraction of the glue layer when curing will produce internal stress and will destroy the cohesion of the adhesive, reducing the overall adhesive strength.

4.The gluing pressure

Gluing pressure is also an important influencing factor, pressure is conducive to the full penetration of the glue so that the glue and wood active molecules combined to form a uniform glue film. But the unsuitable pressure is easy to make the glue extrusion, produce a lack of glue, glue phenomenon, while the larger pressure will make the material deformation serious and the formation of greater stress.

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