Why Choose High Frequency Heating Equipment?

Pulished on Feb. 08, 2021

Medium is usually said to be an insulator, such as wood, plastic, food, rubber, fibreglass, glue and water, etc., high-frequency medium heating is the medium such as wood, plastic, food, rubber, fiberglass, glue and water, etc., high-frequency medium heating is the medium into the high-frequency electric field, under the action of the electric field, the medium molecules arranged in the direction of the electric field, because the high-frequency electric field at a very fast speed constantly change direction, so the molecules of the medium material in the original position of high-speed rotation or vibration, friction collision between molecules to generate heat, so as to achieve the purpose of heating.The next high frequency hot press supplier will explain the main advantages of high frequency heating equipment.

High Frequency Hot Press Machine

The main advantages of high-frequency heating equipment

1. Fast heating speed, high efficiency, if the thickness of the workpiece is less than 20mm, conduction heating time is generally 1min/mm, greater than this thickness, the time will be greatly extended, while the thickness of the workpiece on high-frequency heating is much smaller, using high-frequency heating only about two hours, while conduction heating takes five to six days.

2. Uniform heating: heat is generated from the inside of the object, can make the object in the electromagnetic field uniform heating, such as the high-frequency hot press machine series makes full use of the wooden mould, which fall into a pattern with high-frequency heating, and widely used in the field of musical instrument, shoe industry, decoration, the forestry industry and so on.

3. Heating process is easy to control: power on that is hot, power off to stop heating, can be easily controlled by adjusting the heating time.

4. Bio-stimulating effect: sterilization, grain treatment, electrotherapy, etc. can be carried out. 

5. With heating selectivity: due to the different loss factors of various substances under a certain frequency, the electric field energy absorbed is also different. Appropriate selection of frequency, targeted heating of a material in the electric field, can greatly improve the heating efficiency, reduce energy consumption, such as wood splicing board, can make the same in the electric field in the glue seam heat, and wood heat 

6. Automatic production, occupy small space, low labor intensity. Environmental protection, no boiler, no dust, no smoke, no high temperature radiation, safety and health.

Features of high-frequency hot press machine

1.Easy operation, uniform heating, and prompt forming. Adopt wood mould, suitable for various innovation.

2.One-direction, three direct and multi-direction hydraulic press combined flexibly, meets different requirements. One high-frequency generator can share multiple hot presses.

3.Small working area and low labour intensity.Environmental protection, no boiler, ash-free and smog-free.

4.Safety protective screening meeting the European and North America standard is additionally installed to ensure safety and reliability.

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