What Is the Difference between High Frequency Machine and Power Frequency Machine 2?

Pulished on Aug. 04, 2020

Comparison of the high-frequency machine and industrial frequency machine: small size, lightweight, high operating efficiency (low operating cost), low noise, suitable for office places, high-cost performance (low price under the same power), and impact on space and environment Relatively speaking, the impact (SPIKE) and transient response (TRANSIENT) caused by high-frequency UPS on copiers, laser printers, and motors are easily affected, and it is not suitable for heavy and inductive loads. Because of the transformer of the industrial frequency Isolation from the load, the industrial frequency machine can provide safer and more reliable protection than the high-frequency machine in the harsh environment of the mains. On some occasions such as medical treatment, the UPS is required to have an isolation device. Therefore, it is suitable for industry, medical treatment, and transportation. For application, a power frequency machine is a better choice. The output zero-ground voltage of the industrial frequency machine is lower, and there is no high-frequency component, which is more important for the communication safety of the computer network. The output of the high-frequency machine is not isolated by a transformer. If the inverter power device is short-circuited, the high DC voltage on the DC bus (DC BUS) is directly applied to the load, which is a safety hazard, while the industrial frequency machine does not have this problem. The power frequency machine has strong resistance to load impact.

Board Joining Machine

What are the components of the board joining machine

As a kind of mechanical equipment, which is a kind of mechanical equipment that processes the wood strips of specifications such as the rotary cut wood core and other specifications through multiple processes to make the entire width of the scoreboard. The board jointing machine is mainly composed of two parts: hydraulic system and pneumatic system, and the final quality will be better, so the processing efficiency will be better, and the realized large core board processing quality will be more reliable.

Various types of board joining machine need to be selected according to actual needs during use, after all, different board joining machine will have different prices. For example, the high-frequency board joining machine can solidify wood in a short time, so the efficiency of processing into a whole-width core board is greatly improved, and naturally, there will be a big difference in price.

The board joining machine manufacturer has optimized the hydraulic system and pneumatic system, so there will be a big difference in quality during use, and the final quality will also be very different. The final quality There are also big differences, so how to better choose the board jointing machine is very important.

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