What Is the Difference between High Frequency Machine and Power Frequency Machine 1?

Pulished on Jul. 30, 2020

UPS is divided according to the working frequency of the designed circuit, which can be divided into power frequency machine and high-frequency machine.

High-frequency machine refers to an X-ray machine with a high-voltage generator operating frequency greater than 20kHz. It uses high-frequency switching technology to replace the power frequency transformer in the rectifier and inverter with high-frequency switching elements. The high-frequency machine has a high operating frequency, the voltage after the high voltage rectification is basically a constant DC, and the ripple can be less than 0.1%. Different high-voltage voltages correspond to electron beams of different energy, thereby generating X-rays of different wavelengths. The single X-ray spectrum, the less scattering, and the clearer the image. The high-frequency machine has a simple output spectrum, less stray scattered lines, and clear imaging, which reduces the total output by more than 50% compared with the industrial frequency machine. The high-frequency machine is small in size and high inefficiency. The high-frequency machine does not have an isolation transformer, and its output neutral line has high-frequency current, mainly from the harmonic interference of the mains grid, the pulsating current of the UPS rectifier and high-frequency inverter, and the harmonic interference of the load. The interference voltage is not only numerical high and difficult to eliminate. However, it has poor tolerance under harsh power grids and environmental conditions and is more suitable for environments with relatively stable power grids, less dust, and suitable temperature/humidity.

High Frequency Machine

A power frequency machine refers to an X-ray machine with a high-voltage generator operating frequency less than 400 Hz, and a UPS that uses a power frequency transformer as the rectifier and inverter components. The power frequency machine boosts and rectifies the 50Hz power frequency power supply, and there is a 100Hz sine ripple. After filtering, there is still more than 10% ripple. The power frequency machine outlet spectrum is complicated, and the X-ray quantity of the characteristic frequency in the same time is small. There are many scattered rays and the image is blurred. The main features of the industrial frequency machine are that the main power components are stable and reliable, overload capacity and strong shock resistance. Designed on the principle of traditional analog circuits, the internal electrical components of the machine (such as transformers, inductors, capacitors, etc.) are relatively large, and generally there is less noise when running with a large load, but this model is in harsh power grid environmental conditions Strong resistance performance, reliability and stability are stronger than high-frequency machines. The high-frequency machine uses a microprocessor (CPU core) as the processing control center, which burns complicated hardware analog circuits into the microprocessor, and controls the operation of the UPS in the form of software programs. Therefore, the volume is greatly reduced, the weight is greatly reduced, the manufacturing cost is low, and the price is relatively low.

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