Do You Know How to Do Solid Wood Bending?

Pulished on Jan. 07, 2021

First, let's talk about the origin of solid wood bending.

In the past, American Indians used wood bending to make sleds and canoes. In Europe, this technique has long been used to make chairs, such as the back and legs of chairs. In the early 19th century, bentwood furniture technology was introduced to Japan from Germany.

It was only after the 1880s that more and more people in China began to pay attention to this craft. As early as 30 years ago, the Shanghai Woodworking Factory in China's first solid wood bending process, solid wood bending furniture products were put on the market after a successful trial run and were widely welcomed. Now the market is a lot of new Chinese furniture are used in the solid wood bending process, beautiful body, simple and generous. 

Pre-Bending Machine for Solid Wood

Pre-Bending Machine for Solid Wood

So solid wood bending technology, in the end, is how?

1. Rough processing

The wood is machined into the desired shape

2. Softening treatment

In the factory, long strips of wood are put into the equipment, then the door is closed and the switch is pressed, immediately a large amount of steam is generated and the unique aroma of wood is emitted, the scene is like steamed buns.

3. Bending and forming

After a fixed period of time, the door is opened and the wood is removed, stuck in a curved mould and pressed down along the curved edge of the mould with the help of a press tool, the wood strip is formed into the same curved shape as the mould. Pre-bending machine for solid wood is the necessary machine for increasing the output of solid wood bending.

4. Low temperature drying - natural cooling - shaping

Because the moisture content of the wood after the steam is large, it is not good for the next step of the process, and can only be cooled and air-dried in a cool and dry place, and the moisture content should be reduced to less than 10% before it can be used, otherwise, the waste rate will increase.

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