What Is the Reason Why the High Frequency Board Joining Machine Does Not Heat?

Pulished on Jul. 07, 2020

High-frequency board jointing machine, also known as radiofrequency board jointing machine, is a high-frequency heating generator applied to a 2D board jointing machine, used for finger-board jointing, integrated board jointing, solid wood sealing and so on.

1) High-frequency splicing is a rapid splicing technology. The high-frequency electric field selectively acts on the glue molecules or water molecules. The glue molecules or water molecules themselves generate heat by friction. The wood itself does not absorb energy.

2) Achieve perfect splicing, strong vertical pressure guarantees smooth splicing, and side pressures designed according to plates of different thickness and hardness ensure effective splicing

3) Insecticide and sterilization, the eggs contain protein and water, absorb high-frequency electric field, and are killed

4) During high-frequency heating, the area with a high moisture content of the board is also heated until the moisture content of the board is uniform. At the same time, the glue is cured at the same time under pressure to ensure that the moisture content of the board is uniform and does not deform for a long time after splicing.

Board Joining Machine

What is the structure of the hydraulic board joining machine?

The hydraulic board jointing machine is mainly composed of a frame, a reducer, the main shaft, an active sprocket, a chain, a beam, a clamp, an auxiliary clamping machine electrical system, a pneumatic system, etc.

What is the principle of a high-frequency board joining machine?

The high-frequency board joining machine uses a high-frequency medium heating generator to achieve heating, and a splicing platform with vertical pressure (guaranteeing flatness) and lateral pressure (splicing pressure) to achieve splicing, and is equipped with a cart feeding table and a roller-type discharging table Convenient loading and unloading.

The whole machine is controlled by PLC program. The user sets the high-frequency power and heating time in advance according to the thickness of the slat and the amount of glue and sets the start to automatic. The high-frequency board jointing machine is realized: automatic feeding-feeding the car after it is in place Back to original position-vertical pressure start-lateral splicing pressure start-high-frequency automatic heating-heating time is up, stop heating-automatic cooling and holding pressure-vertical and splicing pressure is closed, hydraulic cylinder returns to the original position and other work.

What is the reason why the high-frequency board jointing machine is not heated?

1. You're not fully powered up.

2. Your heating material is not pure iron, because iron has high permeability and is most easily heated.

3. Your coil and your device resonance relationship do not match.

4. Your heating workpiece is too small to be coupled with enough energy.

It is also important to point out that the inductance of your workpiece varies greatly after it is put in and the resonant capacitor set and transformer inside the equipment do not match.

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