What Are the Common Faults of High Frequency Board Joining Machine?

Pulished on Jul. 17, 2020

1. Polar plate ignition is the discharge of the polar plate due to a short circuit or overcurrent. The solution is to first find out the cause of the ignition. Generally, the common situation is that too much glue causes the glue to overflow to the upper and lower polar plates, or the wood has Severe scars, after finding the cause, the fireplace can be polished and smooth. Another situation is that there may be metal objects in the wood that cause the upper and lower plates to short-circuit. The fire situation will be more serious, and the plate may penetrate and penetrate the part It can be repaired with stainless steel electrode and polished.

2. Over-current, basically due to improper adjustment of the customer’s use and mismatch between the anode and grid currents, the manufacturer allows the operator to receive professional training from a high-frequency manufacturer for a more skilled electrician and must be re-adjusted after replacing the thickness of the panel High frequency, in addition, if the operator is frequently replaced, various troubles will be caused because the new operator is unfamiliar.

3. Some small parts manufacturers will give away some for free when they ship or discuss with the manufacturers to prepare some vulnerable parts to avoid delaying the production cycle due to the equipment waiting because of the remote road.

4. If a small fault occurs, the manufacturer's after-sales personnel can be solved by telephone communication if they are more professional, but for example, a serious fault caused by improper operation can only be solved by the manufacturer.

Wooden Frame Joining Machine

What should be paid attention to when using the high-frequency wooden frame joining machine?

1. The operator must be qualified after training, and the non-local operator shall not operate the machine.

2. The operator wears work clothes, gloves are strictly prohibited, and the spirit must be highly concentrated when working.

3. There is high-frequency high-voltage electricity in the high-frequency machine and on the upper and lower pole plates of the board joining machine. It is strictly forbidden to open the door when the unit is working to prevent electric shock!

4. The high-frequency machine is strictly forbidden to work without load. Only when the board joining machine has assembled the plates, can the heating button be pressed for heating. No-load pressure is strictly prohibited.

5. The setting values of various pressure regulating valves in the panelized: the maximum pressure of the system is 16MPa, and the use of ultra-high pressure is prohibited.

6. Regularly clean, filter or replace the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, and add oil in time when the oil level is insufficient.

7. When splicing plates, wood pads with a thickness of 2-3mm and the thickness of the splicing plate must be added in front of the iron pile of the rear cylinder. It is strictly prohibited to use wooden pads thicker than the splicing plate to prevent damage to the upper plate. Remember!

8. Impurities and residual glue on the polar plates must be cleaned frequently, especially iron filings and metal objects to prevent the polar plates from burning through.

9. The spliced wood board must be processed by advanced planer to ensure that the thickness is even and consistent, it should be dried, and there must be no dead joints.

The above information is provided by a wood compressor manufacturer.


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