High Frequency Equipment -- the Right Assistant of Wood Drying

Pulished on Sep. 17, 2020

The moisture content of a wood product is closely related to its service life. Therefore, proper drying measures must be taken to reduce the moisture of the wood before processing the wood, thereby increasing the service life of the wood. So what is the effect of moisture content when drying wood?

Different types of logs have different moisture content. Even for the same tree species, different parts of the logs also have different moisture content, so the drying characteristics of each piece of wood are very different. Wood is a porous material composed of the wood itself, moisture, and voids. During the drying process, the reason for the corresponding changes in the wood structure is the physical and chemical changes.

There are two main forms of moisture in wood: free water and absorbed water. The greater the ability of wood to absorb water, the more heat energy is required to evaporate water during the drying process. In this case, because the moisture content of each section of the wood is different, the uneven effect will occur after drying, which requires the final humidity control treatment to quickly eliminate the problems caused by the different moisture content inside the wood after drying, thereby reducing the wood The residual stress is released.

If it reaches the layered dry wood, the moisture content of the wood must be tested first. The wood boards with different moisture content are processed by different machines, or the moisture content of the wood is calculated according to the weight of the wood to achieve classification.

Vacuum Timber Dryer

Many advantages of high-frequency vacuum timber dryer can help the wood dry quickly

1. High stability

The high-frequency heat press can evaporate the moisture in the wood at 60°C and dry it at a low temperature, thereby reducing the problems of cracking, deformation and discoloration. It is especially suitable for precious woods that are sensitive to temperature.

2. Wide range of applications

Through parameter setting, high-frequency vacuum drying can be used for low-temperature drying or high-temperature drying to relieve stress and cure resin, which is suitable for almost all materials.

3. High efficiency

In the heat treatment process, the wood is dried under a high-temperature gradient inside and outside. There is no doubt that the high-frequency heat press can process very fast.

4. Good quality

The wood can be pressed tightly to prevent deformation and smooth the wood.

5. Simple operation

Only need to set the basic parameters to realize the unattended automatic drying process, reduce the overall drying cost, do not need to use the boiler, and will not pollute the environment.

The choice of high-frequency vacuum drying equipment guarantees the drying efficiency of wood while ensuring the quality of wood drying, which is of great significance for enterprises to improve economic benefits.

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