What Is the Reason for Cracking of Solid Wood Jointing Panel?

Pulished on Sep. 22, 2020

1. Substantial problems: the accuracy of the wood (flatness) and the accuracy of the substrate are wrong and inaccurate. Many people believe that if the wood is not flat, it is not important that the glue will fill the gap. But this is a very wrong idea. If you want to check whether the board is flat, the easiest way is to squeeze a few boards with your hands to see if there are gaps.

2. Glue problem: The type and material of the glue used are not suitable, which will result in low strength of the glue on the puzzle, and the glue will not adhere firmly during the puzzle, and it will easily cause the glue to fail. Joining glue is based on the chemical reaction between the curing agent and the main glue to produce adhesion. The strength of the main glue itself is low, so it is very important to prepare the curing agent according to the standard.

3. Machine problem: If the pressurization is insufficient, insufficient pressure or uneven pressure during the pressurization process will cause stress deformation. When pressurizing, you must symmetrically multiple times (more than 3 times) to gradually increase the force, apply pressure step by step, and finally reach the set pressure.

If the curing time is insufficient, the glue line will break and sink after processing. Plywood laminated wood should be placed for at least 24 hours, and then surface treatment, if it is a smooth surface treatment, needs to be placed for a longer time, heat pressing and high-frequency plywood processing can make the curing speed faster.

Board Joining Machine

Based on the above reasons, corresponding measures can be taken to improve the quality of solid wood panels according to the composition, amount of glue, and actual conditions of mechanical equipment.

First, when making solid wood panels with reasonable ingredients, try to use the same tree species or wood with an air-dried density difference of not more than 0.2g/cm³, and avoid using wood with a large density difference, and then use an appropriate amount of glue. During the curing process of the adhesive, the adhesive layer will shrink and generate internal stress, thereby reducing the bonding strength. The greater the amount of glue, the more obvious the internal stress. There is also the use of high-frequency splicing equipment, which can increase the heating speed, heating efficiency, and achieve automated production, which is more environmentally friendly and safer.

What are the advantages of high-frequency board joining machine technology?

1. Compared with ordinary splicing machines, the output rate of high-frequency equipment is 5-10% higher.

2. The processing speed of the high-frequency splicing technology is relatively fast, for example, the glue curing only takes 1-3 minutes. At the same time, generally, the winter temperature is relatively low, so the processing speed of traditional equipment will be relatively slow, but high-frequency splicing equipment can overcome this disadvantage and greatly improve the processing efficiency.

3. The processing adopts high-frequency splicing equipment heating and two-dimensional pressure application, which can be used for splicing, wood strip edge sealing, L-shaped door sleeve line combination, door core board splicing.

4. High-frequency equipment processing is stable. At the same time, materials with extremely high moisture content in the splicing materials can be found, and the quality of the spliced products is more reliable.

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