A Good Helper for Multi-Layer Plywood Processing—HF Hot Pressing Equipment

Pulished on Sep. 30, 2020

Bentwood furniture, because of its smooth and natural line beauty, is now loved by people. It can not only maintain the integrity of the wood texture but also be strong and durable. Among them, multi-layer glued bentwood furniture can be bent on a larger curved surface according to human body characteristics and usage requirements. Moreover, it has the advantages of moisture resistance, torsion resistance, no cracking, no deformation, etc. Its beautiful arc is unmatched by other furniture. This kind of furniture is made by slicing plywood, pressing it hot (cold) and bending it into curved parts, then slicing the curved veneers into thin sheets, and finally assembling and processing. This is the perfect combination of technology and art.

Bentwood furniture

Throughout the processing and production process, bending and stamping are the key processes for the manufacture of bentwood and glued parts. With the development of adhesives and heating methods, this technology is constantly improving.

The correct choice of heating method can not only improve production efficiency but also ensure the quality of glue, which is also the key to the quality of glued logs. Conventional wood-based panel hot pressing and bonding mostly use contact hot pressing, and the temperature rise depends on the heat transfer on the surface of the panel. For thinner panels, the heat transfer path is short and the effect is good, but for thicker panels, the core binder will slowly solidify due to the longer heat transfer path, while the surface binder will over-solidify, thus affecting the quality and efficiency.

On this basis, the use of high-frequency heating and hot pressing is an important technological innovation. In short, high-frequency heating is to make molecules move quickly under a high-frequency alternating electric field and generate heat by friction. The heating speed is fast, the production cycle is short, the heating is uniform, the heating effect is good, and the product quality is good. At the same time, the mold is simple to manufacture, low in cost, and easy to meet the requirements of various bent wood bending shapes.

Hot Press Machine

At present, the high-frequency hot press machine uses wooden molds to form and realizes the lamination of bentwood with different properties and the rapid gluing of bentwood products through the press and high-frequency heating. It is widely used in many fields, such as furniture, musical instruments, footwear, decoration, forestry, and other wood processing fields, and has been praised by the industry. People are paying more and more attention to the application of high-frequency hot pressing equipment in the wood processing field.

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