How Much Do You Know about the Radiation Problem of High-Frequency Board Joining Machine?

Pulished on Jul. 25, 2020

The high-frequency board joining machine uses a high-frequency electric field and has certain radiation, so is the high-frequency machine harmful to the human body? The answer is yes, but national standards have requirements on the intensity of high-frequency radiation. Regular and responsible manufacturers will spare no effort to improve and reduce the radiation below the standard, which is basically the same as the usual mobile phone radiation, except for the intensity. In addition, there is a safe distance. When the high voltage is not turned on, there is naturally no radiation. When the high voltage is turned on, the operator does not have to close to the equipment to receive radiation. The electric field strength will be significantly reduced one meter away. The manufacturer pays more attention to safety and will do Good shielding and strict grounding of users is required to ensure that long-term use of the equipment will not affect health.

Board Joining Machine

In addition, in addition to the shielding and safety protection devices, the radiation intensity of the high-frequency board joining machine requires the operator to understand the equipment in depth. The manufacturer should explain in detail how to use the high-frequency equipment safely during the installation and training process. We all know that energy conservation, the output power of the high-frequency generator is equal to the loss of the equipment itself + load absorption + radiation to the outside, so we must consider whether the energy matches the heated load during use, if the power is too high, or high frequency If the state is not matched and the energy cannot be absorbed by the load, the radiation of the equipment will increase first, and the high-frequency components will be burned out. If the equipment is well shielded or grounded, if not, it will inevitably cause hidden health hazards to personnel.

The best way to avoid radiation is to shield and ground. In addition, consider the matching of the equipment itself. Good quality equipment and safety equipment will be easily matched and tuned. Some equipment basically does not have this function, even if it does, it is useless. Reliable equipment is not faster than heating, but safer and more stable.

Shielding the better way is wire mesh, less than 0.5 cm mesh screen can block out 6.78 MHz electric field, we suggest that the shielding around the high-frequency generator or load using this method, the screen should be ground, ground need to use copper, due to the high frequency of skin effect, cannot use the copper wire, copper strip connection should be not less than 100 mm wide grounded.

In short, there is radiation in the high-frequency board joining machine, but there is no need to be too nervous. After all, the 6.78MHz industrial high-frequency electric field does not spread as far as microwaves or other high-frequency short waves. The equipment produced by high frequency joining machine manufacturers basically does it. For good shielding, a careful reading of the manual can identify whether the manufacturer is responsible. Therefore, the high-frequency board joining machine as a kind of clean energy plays a broader role in the woodworking industry.

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